1 Bedroom barn apartment with full kitchen, bath & laundry, and A/C. The apartment is in the main barn and very convenient for groom or trainers.


  • Miles of alleys and bridle paths in farm community.  All perimeter fenced.

  • Hot & Cold water at wash racks.

  • Feed rooms and extra storage.

  • Facility is ideally set up for 1 or 2 trainers with a maximum of 12 horses.  3 Stalls could be added.

  • Seasonal boarding requires a 3 month minimum.

  • Facility has shavings bins at each barn.  

  • Around the corner from feed stores - Newport Hay & Seminole, many others.


  • $500/mo dry stalls

  • $1,850/mo barn apartment rental on season/$1,050 off season

  • $500/mo RV

Apartment living room
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Kitchen and dining area
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Apartment kitchen
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Refrigerator and countertop
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Dining table with view
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Laundry room
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Barn bathroom
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